Oct 31, 2007

Mac-O-Laterns... d'oh!

How to Make a Mac-O-Lantern

1. Find your old, working Mac. Give it a nice cleaning.
2. Mask off the screen with tape. We used clear shipping tape.
3. Paint the entire body orange. We used Krylon Fusion Pumpkin Orange. We started with another type of paint, but it didn't adhere very well. The Fusion line is made especially for plastic and worked great.
4. Paint the mouse brown for a stem. We used Krylon Fusion Satin Espresso.
5. Cut the keyboard cord into leaf and vine sections and paint them green. We used Krylon Fusion Hunter Green.
6. Let the paint dry completely, preferably overnight.
7. Attach the mouse and cord pieces with epoxy.
8. Create your face. We made ours in Illustrator and then turned it into a JPEG through Photoshop. We had to dig around a bit, but we found an old external floppy drive and transferred the artwork via disk.
9. Display your face. We downloaded
JPEGView from The Mac Orchard and have multiple faces rotating on the screen like a slide show.

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