Nov 6, 2007

about Numbers...

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11.40 pm

Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
Any positive integer (except 1) can be written as the product of prime numbers in one and only one way.

Erdos numbers [Paul Erdos, Hungarian math]
"Between any whole numbers n and 2n, there must always lie at least one prime" (at his 17 years old... omg!)

Amicable numbers [Leonhard Euler, 18th century]
"two whole numbers to be amicable if each was the sum of the proper divisors of the other"

220 = 1,2,4,5,10,11,20,22,44,55,110,220 (the divisors of 220)
284 = 1,2,4,71,142,284 (the divisors of 284)

220 = 1+2+4+71+142
284 = 1+2+4+5+10+11+20+22+44+55+110

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