Oct 12, 2008

Batik Fractal : 100 Best Indonesia Innovations 2008

Batik Fractal
is a traditional batik motif rewritten in mathematical form. First, the original motif is being rewritten in fractal form and then can be iterated to give more complex form or change the formula to have different form as desire. The output can be applied on fabrics using traditional batik technique or the raw data material itself can be use for further elaboration such as for laser machine, rapid prototyping machine or multimedia. Batik Fractal is an example of generative art.

Here is some samples of Batik Fractal

This project is running by Pixel People Project, a research and design group consist of three people, each handling research, design and business. Specialized in Generative Art, aimed to give a different perspective on understanding science, art and technology by combining the three disciplines in a cutting edge research and design. Traditional Indonesia batik motif in Batik Fractal is their first project and already presented before the Board Committee of 10th Generative Art International Conference, Milan 2007. Always be scientifically proven, their next project will cover Prambanan architecture, Sumatera songket, and Papua traditional ornament.

P.S. salute to the Pixel People Project! combining Indonesian heritage with science and technology, excellent! oh i love my country...

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Kaz Maslanka said...

Thanks for your blog entry on batik fractals however, they are very hard to see. I would love to see larger pictures.


arie said...

dear Kaz, you can look at the original site of Pixel People Project,


ok, hope i can help


Kaz Maslanka said...