Jan 16, 2009

one word : JIHAD !

dear God the Almighty, Allah SWT,
Al-Qadir.. Al-Muqtadir.. Al-Muhsi.. Al-Bari'.. Al-Qawiyy.. Al-Matin..

although it seems so hard for me to understand, but i really believe, that YOU have a big plan..
a wonderful plan.. a great plan behind all this happens in Palestine, in Gaza

please God the Almighty, give our moslems' brothers a spirit, a patience, and a tremendous power..
to fight again this laknatullah Israel.. this Evil's army..

La illa haillallahu.. Muhammadar Rasulullah.. Allahu Akbar 3x!

one word for Israel and all their Evil's army..


to fight with pride, glory and honour
to die in peace, love and tenderness

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