Aug 28, 2009

Want a Great Job? Stick With Math!

by Deb Russell

It's often been said that math is an opportunity gateway. After all, some of the best jobs out there require degrees that have the higher maths. Having said that, an interesting trend that's been emerging is that more and more there's a growing need in jobs that require statistics. With the growing need for research comes the growing need for analyzing data; usually for improvement. Improvement in; production, sales, student achievement, advertisign, better pharmaceuticals, just to name a few. A background in stats is a grad's best friend!

Take Carrie Grimes for instance. Carrie uses statistical analysis of endless amounts of data to figure outways to improve its search engine. Carrie's story can be found in the New York Times And, if that doesn't convince you, have a look at the Career Centre at the American Statistical Association.

source : : Mathematics

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